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Vew-Do Surf33 Balance Board

Vew-Do Surf33 Balance Board

Foam Teeter
Wobble 360°
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Designed by surfers, for surfers, the Vew-Do Surf33 Balance Board is perfect for all watersports practice!

The Surf33, when paired with the Advanced Wooden Roller (Surf33 / El Dorado Roller) is an advanced balance training combination. WakeSurfers, longboard skaters, wakeboarders, snowboarders, SUP's, skateboarders, surfers and any (kids to adults) advanced/aggressive riders, 50 - 450lbs, looking for a true barefoot surf feeling will find this specialty board trainer a necessity for rotational performance and unrivaled toe-to-heel range of motion.

Any sport enthusiast can benefit from balance training on the Surf33's extended I-beam rail design, allowing for farther travel but surfers and stand-up paddlers will feel this set replicate the larger weight shifts of on-water board sports. 


  • 100% North American 6-ply Engineered Hard Rock Maple
  • Surfboard inspired curved shape*
  • Top: Soft, Comfy 5mm thick EVA Foam for Barefoot Riding
  • Bottom: 2 Pieces of Clear Grip Tape. Wood grain design will vary from product images as each board is unique.
  • Length: 33"
  • Width: 11.5"


  • Handcrafted laminated 13 ply wooden beam with end stops
  • Length: Almost 28" long- longest rail of any Vew-Do board. Extends most of board length for farther rail travel and a fluid, smooth rolling (surf feel) motion. * Continuous rocker of board and rail. (Rocker is the amount of curve of a board from nose to tail)

ROLLER - Surf 33 / El Dorado Advanced Wooden Roller

  • Diameter: 4.5"
  • Length: 9 5/16"
  • Surface: 4 3/4"
  • Shape: 50-degree radial taper
  • An "oversized" advanced wooden roller best suited for aggressive training and extreme athletic skill levels.

Vew-Do Balance Board User Manual.pdf (New Window)

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Wobble 360°

The all new Vew-Do 360 Degree Wobble is a great accessory for working on your balance in all directions. This wobble is compatible with any Vew-Do board. It is a great add on for challenging your normal workout on your balance board, using your board at your stand-up desk or for anyone in the family looking to get started on a balance board.

Vew-Do Board FAQs

What types of surfaces do these boards work on?

A - For boards utilizing wooden rollers, carpeted surfaces work best, as they help the rider control their speed. More advanced riders enjoy riding them on basement, tile, or garage floors, although beginners may find that those surfaces are too fast. We don’t recommended riding on hardwood floors, as the board will move too fast for many riders. The floor may incur damage as well.

Can I use the board on a carpet?

A - Yes, provided the carpet is not too plush, as this can make the board ride overly slow.

What are the I-beam rails on the bottom of the boards made of?

A - With the exception of the Surf 33 board all other boards have the I-beam molded rail end stop system made of GFPPCC (Chemically Coupled Glass-Reinforced Polypropylene). This is essentially a Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene plastic that offers high strength and stiffness, can handle high temperatures, high impact strength, chemical resistance and is typically used in appliances, electrical components, automotive, irrigation and utility products and last but not least on Vew-Do tracks and end stops.

My child is under 5-years old. Do you have a balance board they could use?

A - Absolutely! We have the Mini! It's a smaller version of normal boards and comes with a Foam Teeter to help riders get started.

If your child is more advanced, we recommend the Zippy as great starter option. While it’s a challenging board when used with its included roller, you can add-on a Foam Teeter they can practice on.

What is the difference between the Zippy and Flow?

The decks are shaped differently. The Flow and the Zippy decks have the same overall running length of the I-beam rail system. 

The overall size of the Zippy is larger and has a higher tip/tail height than the Flow. 

The most significant difference in performance is designed around the attachment used. The longer Zippy roller is machined with the Vew-Do patented outrigger design, which acts as training wheels when a rider applies toe or heel pressure to the board. The Zippy roller is great for beginner to intermediate combos due to the outriggers, which limit the angle at which the roller can tilt up on toe and heel edge. It offers increased stability when performing maneuvers such as turning, spinning and tilting.

The Flow roller was designed without outriggers, thereby making it more aggressive on both toe and heel edge. The Flow roller is the more challenging of the two and more performance driven.

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