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Sublue H1+ Smart Waterproof Phone Case

Sublue H1+ Smart Waterproof Phone Case

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The Sublue H1+ Smart Waterproof Phone Case lets you take high-quality and stunning underwater shots like a pro using JUST a smartphone.

Compatible with 99% of the major smartphones on the market, this simple, yet effective, affordable waterproof phone case is all it takes to become an underwater photographer overnight. No more unclickable buttons.

You can easily access the SublueGo APP during you time underwater and easily share those experiences with friends, family, or followers.

Compatible Phone Size: H 6.50 x W 3.11 x D 0.39 inches

Dimensions (included handle): H 9.29 x W 4.21 x D 1.61 inches

Waterproof Depth: 33ft (10m)

Both the Sublue H1 and H1+ Smart Waterproof Phone Cases can be used with Sublue’s underwater scooters.

  • The H1 and H1+ attach perfectly to the WhiteShark MixPro using its built-in floater. 
  • Purchase the WhiteShark Tini floater and easily attach the H1 or H1+ to get that positive buoyancy to snorkel and fly through the water.
  • Support the H1 or H1+ using the Sublue Expandable Phone Clip Kit atop any Navbow or Navbow+ and capture the most stunning underwater images on your underwater adventures.

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Real-Time Data

Designed with safety in mind, the H1+ case features a depth sensor, temperature sensor, and activity time, with their readings displayed in real-time allowing you to safely monitor your experience. These readings can also be superimposed on the taken photos or recorded videos.

Premium Durability

The H1+ case boasts its bio-based raw, premium and sustainable material - DURABIO™. It is researched and developed by Mitsubishi Chemical. It that features superb light transmission, UV, strong impact, and scratch-resistance. Designed to be eco-friendly, it prevents harmful bacteria from spreading with its antibacterial properties. Thanks to its exceptional and fine Japanese craftsmanship, this waterproof case will last a long time.

True Color of Underwater Photos

The H1+ case features AI color correction and automatically restores photos and videos to their original color. Say goodbye to the dull bluish or greenish images!

Long-Lasting Battery

Never leave a single moment undocumented. The H1+ case features a long-lasting, 8-hour battery life. The H1+ perfectly meets longer duration water activity requirements. Spend more time capturing those unique and exciting moments!

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