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QYSEA Fifish V-EVO Underwater Camera Drone ROV

QYSEA Fifish V-EVO Underwater Camera Drone ROV

Optional Grab Arm (+$300)
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The QYSEA Fifish V-EVO can take you up to 100m/328ft deep without all of the scuba gear!

Exploring beneath the water's surface is now easier than ever before! You don't even need to step foot in the water. Just hook up your Fifish ROV to its tether, plug the controller in, sync your phone with the app, and start diving! With its impressive 360° omnidirectional movements, LED lights, 166° wide field of view, and 4k UHD camera, this drone is capable of not only the recreational dive, but also in professional settings.

This kit includes:

  • 1 * Pearl White ROV
  • 2 * 2500 lumen LED lights
  • 1 * 100m Tether with Manual Spool
  • 1 * 64GB Storage 
  • 1 * 97.2Wh battery (Up to 4 hours drive time)
  • 1 * Remote Controller
  • 2 * Adaptors for RC and V-EVO
  • 1 * Q-Interface 
  • 1 * Robotic Arm Module (Included with Arm Add-on Package)
  • 1 * Parallel Gripper (Included with Arm Add-on Package)


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What is Omnidirectional Movement?

A: The FIFISH's patented motor arrangement delivers the user complete 360° freedom to move in all directions and angles underwater (Omnidirectional Movement).

Delivering '6 Degrees of Freedom, the FIFISH can move left & right, up & down, forward & backward, as well as rotate in 360° pitches (y-axis), 360° rolls (x-axis), and 360° yaws (z-axis).

In addition, the FIFISH's Posture Lock™ function enables operators to maintain the ROV's angle position, while moving forwards or backwards simultaneously.

How do I turn the FIFISH on & off?

A: Power ON: Connect the tether cable to the remote controller and to the FIFISH ROV, and ensure the cap is tightened. Proceed to turn on the ROV by pressing the power button of the remote controller. Please ensure the cables and ports are clean and dry.

Power OFF: Hold the power button for several seconds and the FIFISH ROV will power off automatically. Proceed by unscrewing the cap and disconnecting the FIFISH ROV from the tether and controller.

What is the focusing feature?

A: The FIFISH ROV supports 3 Focus Modes, which can be selected on the FIFISH APP:

  • Auto Focus (AF): Suitable for or clear waters water, simple non-moving objects/ subjects, cruising at low speeds, etc.
  • Macro Mode (Flower Symbol): Suitable for capturing objects at shorter and closer distances (i.e. reefs, fish and over underwater creatures.
  • Standard Mode (Mountain Symbol): Suitable for capturing objects at a further distance (i.e., multiple subjects, fast-moving objects, cruising at faster speeds)

*The default setting of the FIFISH may be on Auto Focus Mode.

How can I format the internal memory of the FIFISH?

A: The internal memory of the FIFISH can be formatted through the settings on the FIFISH APP.
Please ensure you have all images and footages you need copied and downloaded as this process cannot be reversed.

How do the controls work?

A: The left joystick controls horizontal movements (i.e., forward, reverse, left turn & right turn)

The right joystick controls rolling movements (i.e. pitch & roll sideways with 360°)

The wheels on the corner of the RC controls lateral & vertical movements (i.e., elevate up/ down, lateral left/ right)

What is the purpose of the tether?

A: The tether is an essential element of communication and control between the FIFISH ROV and controller. The tether is also a safety mechanism to recover the ROV in the case of unpredictable circumstances when power is lost.

In addition, the FIFISH tether made from the Kevlar material, which is highly durable and rugged enough to hold an adult's body weight (~80 kg/178 lbs).

What are the recommended devices for use with the FIFISH?

A: The following smart devices are recommended:

iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / 11 / SE(2nd) / XS / XS Max / XR / X / 8 Plus

iPad Pro 4 / 3 / 2 / 1

iPad Air 3 / 2 / 1

iPad mini 5 / 4

iPad 7 (2019) / 6 (2018) / 5 (2017)


Galaxy S20 Ultra / S20+ / S20 / S10+ / S10 / S9+ / S9

Galaxy Note 10+ / 10 / 9

Galaxy Tab S6 / S5e / S4


P40 Pro+/ Pro / P40

P30 Pro / Lite

Mate 30 Pro / 30 / 20 Pro / 20

MatePad Pro / M6 / M5

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