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Lakesurf Wakesurf Balance Board Training System with Phone Holder

Lakesurf Wakesurf Balance Board Training System with Phone Holder

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Your all-in-one balance board for surf-style fitness and training! The Wakesurf Balance Board Training System takes at-home practice to a new level with interactive and immersive simulation.

Handcrafted Locally

Thoughtfully engineered right here in the USA, the Lakesurf Balance Board simulates the wakesurf feel anywhere you desire! With the included free phone app that has multiple interactive options, you will surely have a blast and receive a great workout in the process.

Learn New Skills

The Wakesurf Balance Board is perfect for mastering 180's, 360's, shuvs and other rotational combos, setting it apart from plank and roller style balance boards that lock you into one axis of motion. Whether you're just starting out or competing on the biggest stages, the Wakesurf Balance Board helps you level up your skills.

Improve Your Fitness

By challenging your balance on all axes (including rotational), the Wakesurf Balance Board gets those stabilizing muscles firing all over your body. Solidify your core, boost your balance, improve proprioception, feel the burn in your legs, and get your heart pumping. Adding an unstable platform to planks, pushups, squats, free weights and other exercises can amp up your routine and help you get results faster! Use on a thick, padded carpet or rug for an easier, more stable experience. When you're ready to challenge yourself, try out a thin rug over a hard surface for a looser feel.

Balance Board Specifications:

  • Size: 31" x 15" x 6"
  • Product weight: 9.4 lbs
  • Base: Impact Resistant ABS
  • Core: Engineered Wood
  • Traction pad: EVA Foam
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs

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  • Wakesurf Balance Board Training System by Lakesurf mobile app recognizing physical and successful tricks on the mirrored TV.

    Wakesurf Simulator

    The on-screen board mirrors the movements of your board for a realistic wakesurf simulator experience. The app recognizes your spins and shuvs and will call out successful tricks.

  • Wakesurf Balance Board Training System by Lakesurf free mobile phone app includes interactive games that are a blast to play and are intentionally designed to improve your wakesurfing skills.

    Skill Building Games

    The free mobile app by Lakesurf comes with interactive games that are blast to play and are intentionally designed to build wakesurf skills.

  • Wakesurf Balance Board Training System by Lakesurf mobile app includes interactive tutorials led by Sean Silveira.

    Interactive Tutorials

    These tutorials are led by world champ, Sean Silveira. They start with basic skills and progress to more advanced tricks. Sean shows you what to do on your balance board and explains how to take it to the water.

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Wakesurf Balance Board FAQs

Will this actually make me surf better?

YES! The Wakesurf Balance Board translates to surfing better than any other surf training device on the market. It was designed specifically for improving in wakesurfing, for wakesurfers, by wakesurfers. The bottom is contoured to feel stiffer as you rock from nose-to-tail compared to heel-to-toe, just like a surfboard responds faster when you rock from your toe edge to your heel edge. It's also perfectly set up to learn spins, like 360's, 180's, shuv-its, and more. Here's what our customers say about how great this board is for skill progression:

  • "I have been playing with this balance board for 2 days now and I really enjoy it. After the second day I was able to execute a 180 shuvit." -Marquez Gunter
  • "For me helped to learn the footwork for new tricks, and it's quite a workout." -Dashel Shaw
  • "Love it! Definitely the best balance board for wakesurfing. The app and tutorials are incredibly helpful." -Dan Bruner
  • "My wake surfing and foil boarding improved a lot after practicing on this board." -C
  • "Thanks guys for making a terrific training aide of the water. I have been training with wobble/rocker boards for years and could not feel the relation to wakesurfung nearly as much. The instant feedback of this board is exactly what I need to process my skill. Cheers!" -Samuel Robinson

How do I get started?

Hands down, the best way to get started is to go through the first several tutorials in the "Lakesurf Balance Board" mobile app.

What surface should I ride on?

You can ride your Wakesurf Balance Board on just about any surface, except for hard smooth surfaces such as tile, laminate, and hardwood. We recommend riding on carpet or a rug. 

Different thicknesses of carpet will give different responses. The thicker the carpet, the more stable and forgiving the board will be, though it will take more effort to spin. Thicker carpet is more "surf style" riding, as it's more stable and the extra friction from thicker carpet give the board a more "locked in" feel, similar to how deeper fins on a surf style board prevent it from spinning really easily. Of course you can still spin your Wakesurf Balance Board on thick carpet, it will just take a bit more effort. 

The thinner the carpet, the less stable the board will be, but it will be easier to spin. This is similar to skim style surfing, where the lower friction of a thin carpet allows for more spin, but doesn't allow the board to sink in as much which increases the difficulty of balancing.

A lot of our customers also ride on grass, turf, or occasionally even sand.

How do I learn new tricks?

Practice! Learning tricks is both fun and fast on the Wakesurf Balance Board, since you can try a new trick over and over again, rapid-fire, in the comfort and convenience of your living room. We have tutorials that break down more complicated tricks into individual components that you can practice, and then put all of the pieces together into the final trick once you have mastered the parts individually. Check out the tutorials in the "Lakesurf Balance Board" mobile app, and some video tutorials on the Lakesurf YouTube channel.

I feel unstable. What can I do?

Feeling a bit shaky? This is can happen l the first couple times you get on the Wakesurf Balance Board. While the shakiness goes away after just a few sessions on the board thanks to your balance improving and your muscles strengthening, there are some things you can do to stabilize yourself until your balance gets dialed in. Put down some extra rugs or blankets to ride your board on. This additional squishiness will allow the board to sink in a bit and make balancing on it much easier. The more rugs and blankets you have under your board, the easier it will be.

You can also start off next to a couch to give you something to grab onto while you feel out the board. It can also help to have a spotter holding their arm out for you to grab onto. Log a few minutes on the board each day and you'll be amazed at how quickly you get to feeling solid on the board without any help!

Keep in mind that this board is designed toover-train your balance. It's not as stable as riding your wakesurf board out on the water, and this is intentional - the better you get on the balance board and the easier it becomes to land your tricks while staying balanced, the easier it will be out on the water!

How do I mirror my iPhone to my TV?

Make sure you are mirroring to a TV or device that has Airplay 2 capabilities. Most modern TV's, Roku devices, and Fire TV's have this capability. (Note: to mirror your iPhone to Fire TV, you will need the Fire TV Stick Screen Mirroring app from the App Store, which is a free download.)

To mirror your iPhone to your TV:

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How do I mirror my Android to my TV?

The method for mirroring your phone's screen to your TV on Android is dependent on your phone's manufacturer. With a long list of companies manufacturing Android devices, each with a variety of models, it may be challenging to determine if your Android device supports screen mirroring. In general, if your device is running Android version 10.0 or later (and is not a Google branded device running OS 6.0 or later, like a Google Nexus or Pixel), it likely supports screen mirroring. However, it is not uncommon for manufacturers to use a unique, branded term when describing the feature. To assist with setting up and enabling screen mirroring on your Android device, here are some common terms used on popular devices:

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If your Android device doesn’t have built-in cast feature such as on a Google branded phone, you can use use a Chrome Cast device, which is readily available for purchase from many retailers both online and in physical stores.

Why can't I hear any sound?

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