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FARO Board Bags

FARO Board Bags Harbor Tan Sustainable Canvas Surfboard Bag

FARO Board Bags Harbor Tan Sustainable Canvas Surfboard Bag

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Protect and prolong your surfboard investment from the Sun, dings, and scratches! Simple, clean, and handmade from recycled materials, the FARO Canvas Surfboard Bag will provide that peace of mind!

Your board will always be ready when protected by one of these FARO Board Bags! Each adjustable board cover will protect not only your board, but your car as well. Don't forget to add a Shoulder Carrying Strap for easy transport to and from the car!

FARO Surfboard Bag Features

  • Adjustable - Roll bottom closure fits to your exact board size
  • Easy to Use - Large opening makes getting your board in and out easier
  • Single Fin Slit - 10ft & 11ft bags come with a slit for large single fins
  • Rugged Hardware - Noncorrosive D-ring connections and mill-spec buckles.
  • Built to Last - Rugged 600D canvas similar to Cordura used.
  • Sustainable ♻ - Each bag is made from 100% post-consumer waste.

FARO Surfboard Bag - Sizing Tips

We recommend choosing a size bag that is equal to or larger than your surfboard length and width. If you have a larger board and smaller board, a larger bag to fit the larger board should work for BOTH boards. 6ft bags are made to fit 6ft boards, 7ft bags are made to fit 7ft boards, etc, etc. Extra length is built into the bags to accommodate closing the bag and using it with the fins left on.

Bag Widths:

  • 6 & 7ft bags are 23 inches wide.
  • 8 & 9ft bags are 24.5 inches wide.
  • 10 & 11ft bags are 26 inches wide.

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FARO Board Bags Warranty 30-Day Return Policy View full details
FARO Board Bags Harbor Tan Sustainable Canvas Surfboard bag adult sliding cover off on sandy beach.

Easy On-Off Glide

Much easier to use over a traditional surfboard sock. It is so easy to use, you will actually want to use it and often!

FARO Board Bags Seal Brown Sustainable Canvas Surfboard Bag Adult Sliding Cover off on dirt next to van.

A Better Board Bag

Surfboard socks are neat, light, and can go on pretty easy. The FARO Surfboard Bag goes on easy like a sock, but brings the ruggedness and protective standard of a traditional bag.

FARO Board Bags Olive Drab Sustainable Canvas Surfboard Bag on floor rolled up with center fin poking through.

Own Less & Do More

The adjustable feature of the FARO Board Bag shines with its ability to be used with multiple boards. Purchase a bag to fit your largest board, adjust the bag, and use one bag for all of your surfboard sizes!

FARO Board Bags Sustainable Surfboard Bag Responsibly Sourced Material Ocean found plastics in Indonesia are used to create StokedPlastic, a canvas material.

Ocean Found Plastics

The fabric for these surfboard bags starts in Bali, Manila, and Nairobi. Local advocates collect ocean & landfill plastic bottles, which are cleaned, sorted, and broken down. The plastic is then transformed into StokedPlastic™️ Canvas. The canvas is then shipped to FARO's San Diego facility where it's made into board bags, removing over 45 plastic bottles from the ocean per bag!

FARO Board Bags FAQs

What size bag should I order?

You should order the size board bag that is equal to or longer than your surfboard length. For example, if you have a 9’2” board, you should order a 10’ bag. The extra length in the bag is adjustable and won't be too much extra fabric when your 9’2” board is inside the bag, thanks to our durable but lightweight canvas fabric.

Do all board bags have a single fin slit?

No, only 10' and 11' board bags come with a single fin slit. But all bags are made to be used with the fins left on. That means large single fins, bonzer fins, and keel fins too.

Will my board fit in the bag with the fins on?

Yes. All Faro board bags were made to fit boards with or without fins on.

If you have an unusually large fin, purchase the next size up.

Do these board bags have a liner?

Yes. All canvas Board bags come with a polyester liner that is made from 100% recycled plastic. This liner helps keep the outside of your bag looking great and free of wax stains while also adding a bit of extra ding protection.

Do these board bags come with shoulder strap?

These board bags come with carrying handles and D-rings to add a shoulder strap.

However, your purchase of a board bag does not include a shoulder strap, but you can purchase one with your board bag.

How can I clean my board bag if it gets dirty?

These board bags are machine washable, but we recommend spot cleaning as necessary. If machine washing is necessary, use warm or cool water and avoid dryers. Hang drying saves energy and also will ensure your board bag looks great when it dries.

What does Faro mean?

Faro is the Spanish word for Lighthouse! The brand was created on Americas East Coast but is inspired by trips abroad to rugged and far-out destinations. Faros protect and guide the way for seafarers. Standing tall and strong for years past and years to come.

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