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Dive Xtras

Dive Xtras BlackTip Tech Underwater Scooter

Dive Xtras BlackTip Tech Underwater Scooter

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Go DEEP and cruise through those technical dives with the fully trimmed BlackTip Tech DPV!

With a more balanced scooter design, you will be able to tackle any technical dive with ease. If weight and length are not critical and you're interested in a scooter that floats trim, the Blacktip Tech is the best choice. It works best with 9 and 12Ah batteries, floats trim and neutral, and comes with an integral fresh/saltwater trim plate. With the ability to use any DCB-type power tool battery*, providing run times up to 2 hours, worrying over the replacement of batteries is a thought of the past, saving your wallet and your time.

Looking for something lighter, smaller, and travel-ready? Check out the BlackTip Travel Underwater Scooter.

For twice the battery and run-time and a larger, heavier body, check out the BlackTip Exploration Underwater Scooter.


  • Tail
  • Battery Tube
  • Saltwater Weight Plate
  • Strap & Carry Handle Kit
  • Nose Cone
  • Tow Cord w/ Bolt Snap

Compatible Batteries: Uses (2x) 9Ah or 12Ah DCB batteries.

*Runtime and range will vary, depending on your choice of batteries. See below for specs of different battery options. (Batteries and charger not included with purchase of scooter)

Example Battery Amp Hours - w/ 9Ah batteries  w/ 12Ah batteries
Runtime @ Cruise Speed (150ft/min; 45.7m/min) 91 minutes 123 minutes
Range @ Cruise Speed (150ft/min; 45.7m/min) 2.6 miles (4.2km) 3.5 miles (5.6km)

 Compatible with 9Ah or 12Ah, 20v (USA only) or 18v batteries that fit the DCB interface.

BlackTip User Manual.pdf (Download)

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Lithium Power Tool Batteries

The BlackTip is powered by a pair of commonly found power tool batteries installed directly into the body. This makes the scooter easy to charge and even easier to extend the length of your dive by swapping out batteries on the fly. The BlackTip accepts 20v (USA only) or 18v DCB-format power tool batteries. These can be purchased at retailers worldwide or online via Amazon or another seller.

These batteries are generally travel friendly, as the larger capacity batteries have a shipping/travel clip that separates the battery unit into smaller cells to keep them under TSA/IATA limits.

Safe Start Features

Activating the BlackTip outside of water will trigger a feature known as ‘Safe Start’. The BlackTip  propeller will start in a low-power, slow-turning mode if it detects it is not in water. This helps to prevent unintended damage to your scooter or equipment while not actively diving. When the propeller detects water resistance, it will automatically switch to normal operating mode.

LED Monitoring Display

Every BlackTip model features a built-in LED display screen. This screen displays current speed setting, battery level, and battery errors from battery depletion to voltage inconsistency.

Trigger & Speed Modes

During normal operation in water, the BlackTip features eight speed modes. To activate the scooter, press the thumb trigger twice. The BlackTip will briefly engage ‘safe start’ mode to detect whether it is in water, then will switch to normal operation mode and start in speed 3 (known as ‘cruise speed’). Once your BlackTip is running, pressing the thumb trigger twice will accelerate the scooter by one speed, and pressing the trigger once will slow the scooter down by one speed. If you are out of water, the BlackTip will only operate in ‘safe start’ mode.

Buoyancy, Weight, & Trim

All three BlackTip models can be made neutral and/or trim with a combination of batteries and weights. Only the Tech and Exploration models can be made neutral and trim. The Travel model will always float in a nose-up trim, which will be more significant with the larger 9 and 12 Ah batteries than with the smaller 4, 5, or 6 Ah batteries. While this may surprise some experienced scooter divers, when underway it does not affect scooter handling or diver buoyancy and is not a concern for most recreational divers. Some divers have reported a preference for making their BlackTip Travel 2-3lbs negative to make it trim rather than neutral.

Scoot In Silence

Dive Xtras is constantly refining and improving our products. The BlackTip now features new drive firmware with silent operation. Incredibly quiet and more efficient than ever!

Tap the button below to watch a video of the original BlackTip, compared to the new silent version.

See It In Action!

Making It Your Own

With a programmable drive, you can customize your DPV as you would like. Using a Windows PC and the free software, you can change your BlackTip's settings. Adjustable settings include: number of gears, gear speeds, and acceleration rate.

No Flooding Here

Introducing the BlackTip Vacuum Bulkhead! This nose cap allows you to check for any failures in your BlackTip DPV's tube and tail seals - before ever getting your scooter wet! Divers are free to leave this bulkhead on their BlackTips while diving and can even dive while under vacuum if desired.

Tap the button below to get your Vacuum Bulkhead Today!

Dive Xtras BlackTip Vacuum Bulkhead

Lights, Camera, Action!

If you're an underwater photographer, videographer, or just looking to upgrade your BlackTip DPV's underwater capabilities, there are accessories to accomplish that! We carry camera mounts, tow harnesses, interchangeable tube kits, and more!

Tap the button below to explore Dive Xtras DPV add-ons.

Dive Xtras Accessories & Kits

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