RoboSea Warranty Policy


Below is RoboSea's warranty policy and procedures. Should you have any issues with your purchase fromย us, or need assistance with handling warranty, repairs, or replacements, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.




Our company promises the delivered equipment will be of qualified product. Under normal use, the products you buy from our company will not have defects in materials and workmanship during the warranty period. Our product warranty period is 1 year (globally unified standard), the warranty start date (WSD): arrival date (home delivery)/ 7 days after arrival (port of delivery).
If the product cannot achieve the guaranteed functions, please scan the โ€œafter-sales QR codeโ€. We will provide you with the after-sales service list after scanning the QR code. Please register the equipmentโ€™s serial number (SN) in the form as required. We will confirm whether the product is within the warranty period according to the SN. In addition, you need to explain the problems encountered by the equipment and upload relevant pictures and videos. We will arrange our engineers to judge the problems and provide feedback to you in the form of email/SMS.

If the equipment is under warranty, and the engineer judges that there are quality-related problems, we will provide you with the quote; return, replacement and repair quote; service for free, and our company will bear the relevant freight. If it is judged not to be a quality problem, the maintenance cost and freight shall be borne by the user. If the equipment is sent back
without the confirmation of our technical personnel, the cost and the risk of goods loss shall not be borne by our company.


Warranty: Our company products are guaranteed for one year, and maintenance is free during the warranty period. If not in the warranty conditions, repairing and replacing components will be charged for component materials and replacement costs.


Free maintenance will not be given under the following circumstances:

1) No warranty card and proof of purchase, no user information on file, no serial number and other valid data of the product.

2) The warranty card and proof of purchase does not match the product model, and serial number of the main machine body has been altered.

3) Damage caused by human factors, including products damaged due to failure to operate according to the instructions under normal working environment.

4)The user disassembles the machine for maintenance and modification without permission andย repairs the products at noncompany maintenance points.

5) Products damaged due to improper use environment or conditions, such as power supply, ambient temperature, humidity, etc.;

6) Products damaged due to unavoidable factors, such as fire, flood, lightning strike, traffic accident and other force majeure.

7) Spare parts purchased separately.

8) Products that have exceeded the warranty period.