Bixpy Motor Mount Adapters

Looking to find which Bixpy adapter will work best for your watercraft application? You have come to the right place. On this page we have provided a breakdown of each K-1 marine motor mount in order to assist you in getting the proper setup. On the Bixpy Steering Systems page, we have done a similar guide.

*Please note, we do not offer these mounts individually, but as an additional option to purchase with your Bixpy K-1 Electric Marine Motor Outboard Kit or your Bixpy K-1 Electric Marine Motor SUN80 Solar Panel Outboard Kit.

Fin Adapters

Most Paddle boards on the market have a removable center fin. The Bixpy Fin Brackets simply screw onto your Bixpy Motor and then attach to your board the same way your center fin does. The 3 fins below cover more than 90% of the boards on the market. The three adapters you can choose from are the Flip & Lock Fin Adapter, US Fin Box Adapter, and the Slide & Lock Fin Adapter.

*Note - Steering systems are not applicable when using a fin adapter. In these applications, steering is done with the use of a paddle.

For a walkthrough video on fin adapter installation, click the button below.

Fin Adapter Installation Video

Transom Adapter with Steering Mechanism

The Transom Adapter is designed to lock onto the back of a kayak, canoe, dinghy or other personal watercraft with a flat vertical mounting surface. The vertical pipe is adjustable in both height and trim and the system comes with the Tiller Steering Handles (12" and 24" lengths).


  • Transom WillFit™ Adapter
  • All hardware required to attach to dinghies, kayaks, personal pontoons and a variety of other watercraft
  • Tiller Steering Handle (2 sizes - 12" and 24" included)
  • One Rubber grip for tiller handle

Click the button below to view an installation video of the Transom Adapter.

Transom Adapter Installation Video

Universal Kayak Adapter

The Bixpy Universal Kayak Adapter is designed to fit a variety of kayaks and canoes. The horizontal and vertical pipes are adjustable in both height and angle. You can use a variety of Bixpy Steering systems for turning your motor. The best options for steering would be the Bixpy Pole Steering or Tiller Steering Handle.

As every kayak is slightly different in shape and configuration, you will have to do a little bit of installation with this adapter, but rest assured, this adapter ships complete with all the nuts and bolts you’ll need to get the job done. This is a more complex adapter, requiring higher levels of DIY ability, so it's only recommended if none of the other adapters fit your kayak and you're comfortable taking on the task of installation or have access to a professional installer. 

Click the button below to view an installation video of the Universal Kayak Adapter.

Universal Kayak Adapter Installation Video

Universal Rudder Adapter

The Universal Rudder Adapter is designed to give you the option to mount a Bixpy Motor on to the rudder of most kayaks that offer a 10mm (roughly 3/8”) rudder bracket or rudder hole.

The Vibe Bixpy-Ready Gravity Rudder offers a molded 10mm stainless steel pin that offers easy installation and not only fits all Vibe kayaks but can replace most other manufacturer rudders in seconds! It also offers a robust double hinged, 90° Slide & Stow mechanism that gets the rudder completely out of the water in a heartbeat!

If your watercraft already has a rudder and you're simply replacing your rudder, you will likely be able to continue steering the Bixpy Rudder with your existing steering system. If not, the best option for steering the rudder adapter is the Foot Pedal Steering System. The other option is to use the Bixpy Hand Steering Kit, which leaves your feet free in case you're in a kayak with foot pedal drive or a kayak that has footrests and doesn't allow for the insulation of the foot steering rails.


  • Vibe Bixpy-Ready Gravity Rudder
  • Bixpy Clam Cleat
  • Pull up rope

Click the button below to view an installation video of the Universal Rudder Adapter.

Universal Rudder Adapter Installation Video

Power Pole Adapter

The Bixpy Power Pole Adapter allows you to quickly and easily add a Bixpy Motor to your kayak using your standard Micro Power Pole hole adapter slot. 

Although many kayaks now ship with the Micro Anchor adapter holes already drilled and ready for mounting this adapter, it is not necessary to have pre-made holes or inserts to use the Bixpy Power Pole Adapter.  This adapter will mount to any flat surface on the back or front of your watercraft. To test your setup, you can download and print the actual footprint of the adapter and test on your application. Click here to download a PDF file of the adpater's footprint.

The Power Pole adapter also ships with a steering lock bracket. This bracket allows you to lock your adapter and use your existing rudder to steer or leave the lock open and use one of our many steering systems to steer your motor. 


  • Bixpy Power Pole Adapter
  • All hardware required to attach to Power Pole ready kayaks
  • Pole Steering Adapter Adapter illustrated NOT included and sold separately

Click the button below to view an installation video of the Power Pole Adapter.

Power Pole Adapter Installation Video

Hobie Twist & Stow Rudder Adapter

The Hobie® Twist & Stow Rudder Adapter is designed to replace your existing Twist & Stow rudder with a Bixpy Rudder that will attach to your Bixpy K-1 Motor and motorize your Hobie® Kayak. Steering is done as normal with your Hobie® rudder control. 

Please note, this rudder adapter is ONLY compatible with Hobie Twist and Stow rudders. That includes: 

• Hobie Sport
• Hobie Revolution kayaks
• Hobie Outbacks (pre 2019)
• Hobie Oasis kayaks
• Not recommended on Inflatable Hobie Kayaks. 


  • Hobie® Twist & Stow Rudder blade
  • All hardware required will be on your existing Hobie rudder

Click the button below to view an installation video of the Hobie Twist & Stow Rudder Adapter.

Hobie Twist & Stow Rudder Adapter Installation Video

Low Profile ThruHull Pedal Drive Adapter

No Drilling. No Hassle. This Pedal Drive Adapter clicks into the foot pedal drive of most fin pedal kayaks to replace your pedals with a mighty motor. This simple swap allows you to take your kayaking to the next level with clean electric power. Steering is done using a paddle. This adapter will not fit Hobie 360 kayaks.

Now fits more kayaks including:

  • All roto-molded Hobie® kayaks with Mirage Drive (excluding Hobie 360 Kayaks)
  • Hobie Lynx with Mirage Drive
  • Inflatable Hobie® kayaks with Mirage Drive
  • Vibe Kayaks with X-Drive
  • Pelican Kayaks with HD Drive


  • Pedal Drive Adapter 
  • Bixpy Propeller Housing with reduced width for a better fit (required for most kayaks)

Click the button below to view an installation video of the Low Profile ThruHull Pedal Drive Adapter.

Low Profile ThruHull Adapter Installation Video

BOTE Apex Pedal Drive Adapter

The Bote Apex Pedal Drive Adapter allows you to quickly add a Bixpy Motor to your Bote inflatable kayaks using the Apex pedal drive slot. Steering is done using a paddle.

No drilling. No hassle. This simple swap of your foot pedal drive with your Bixpy Bote Apex adapter allows you to take your kayaking to the next level with clean electric power. 

Click the button below to view an installation video of the BOTE Apex Pedal Drive Adapter.

BOTE Apex Adapter Installation Video

ThruHull Pod Adapters - Feelfree & Bonafide Kayaks

No drilling. No holes. No hassle! The ThruHull™ Pod Adapter for Bonafide & Feelfree Kayaks clips into the Dry Pod opening of your Bonafide or Feelfree kayaks in seconds. Steering is done using a paddle.

The adapter comes with the original Dry Pod, allowing you to store and quickly access your gear or personal items.

The Bixpy Motor mounts on the bottom with only a backing plate inside the pod so you lose minimal space in the Dry Pod and can continue to use it for its intended purpose as you motor in your kayak.

Don't forget for a better fit, the Bonafide and Feelfree adapters do ship with a Reduced PowerShroud™ Propeller Housing. Make sure to switch out the shroud on your motor for a better fit.

**When purchasing your K-1 Outboard Motor Kit, please ensure you select the correct brand ThruHull adapter.


  • ThruHull™ Pod Adapter
  • Bixpy Propeller Housing with reduced width for a better fit

Click the button below to view an installation video of Pod Adapters.

ThruHull Pod Adapter Installation Video

NuCanoe QuickConnect Adapter

The NuCanoe QuickConnect Adapter Foot Steering Mounting & Control Kit is a custom-designed kit for mounting, steering, and retracting the Bixpy Motor on the NuCanoe Frontier 12 or the NuCanoe UNLIMITED. 

Take control with the QuickConnect Foot Steering Mounting and Control kit. Installs in seconds and lets you have full control over your propulsion with a flick of your foot. Hands-free kayaking is now a reality!


  • Model-Specific Transom Mount
  • NuCanoe Foot Steering System
  • Throttle Mount
  • Motor Retract Kit