Almond R-Series Surfboard Support

Have a product issue or a question about what is covered? Tap the first button below to view the warranty policy on R-Series Surfboards by Almond.

We have provided videos below covering the process to set up your new board and how to repair your board, but for a further breakdown of care, tap the second button below to be redirected over to Almond's Care & Repair Guide.

Center Fin Install

Center & Side Fin Install

R-Series Repair & Maintenance

Almond Recycling Program β™»

The beauty of the R-Series by Almond Surfboards is that all of the boards are 100% recyclable, making them far more sustainable than the traditional surfboard.

You may be wondering how they're recyclable or what the process is to recycle your board. Take a look at the video below or tap the button to check out this program on Almond's site.

Recycling Surfboards

What Surfboard is Right For You?

Whether you are brand new to surfing, or just exploring, picking a surfboard can be daunting. Rest assured, the R-Series Surfboards are good for all ages and stages.

If after exploring you are still unsure, tap the button below to be redirected to Almond Surfboards' Quiz to find which size board would do you best.

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